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  • Color Options Available

    The Claw PRO Golf Glove is Available in White and Grey.
    (If color is not shown then it's currently out of stock)

  • Breathable

    Synthetic Suede & Mesh Top Provides Excellent Stability & Ventilation while Adding Remarkable Comfort and Performance.

    1. Extended Durability

      Claw Gloves look new much longer than leather and there’s no extra care needed.

    2. Exclusive Silicone Grip

      Our Silicone Web Coating Provides Maximum Flexibility and Grip while Offering a Similar Feel to Most Leather Gloves.
      The Palm will not Crack Harden or Tear.

    3. Machine Washable

      Claw Gloves are Machine Washable.  Just Add to your Cold Wash Cycle and Hang Dry.

    4. Rules of Golf

      Claw Gloves Conform with the Rules of Golf.

    Claw golf gloves

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