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Claw golf gloves

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20% OFF and FREE SHIP | Code TG20

Claw golf gloves

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It's Time to Expect More from your Golf Glove

Introducing the New Game-Changing Claw Golf Glove! This breathable glove has superior grip and remarkable durability with airflow cooling technology.

Flex-Mesh Design Provides Ventilation
Palm will not Crack, Harden or Tear
Silicone-Web Coating for Maximum Grip
Lasts Significantly Longer than Most Leather Gloves 
Mesh Fabric Boosts Airflow & Breathability
Machine Washable
  • Wills Murray

    Professional Golf Coach

    "The Claw glove is the most durable glove I have used.  The grip lasts longer and is more durable than other gloves and the breathable material makes it a perfect glove for long practice sessions"

  • Alexandria bare

    Professional Golf Coach

    "These gloves have become my new favorite!  I love how flexible and comfortable it is.  I often don't notice I'm wearing it because it forms around my hand so perfectly!"

  • Carl N.

    Rotonda West, FL

    "I have used the Claw golf glove for over 200 rounds of golf.  To me it is the perfect glove.  One of the gloves I purchased has over 85 rounds on it and it's still gloing strong"

  • Sean C.

    Rochester, NY

    "I was able to play my first, hot and sweaty, rounds using the Claw.  Worked like a charm.  No slippage on the grip that I can tell in 88 degrees and sunny (and very sweaty)"

  • David J.

    North Port, FL

    "I have been using your glove guessing six months or so and it is really one of the best golf gloves I have ever used in fifty eight years of playing the game.  The Claw has become my new best friend, thank you!"

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